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the company

For more than 25 years we have been dedicated to the growth of salons, conceiving a whole new relationship with clients, a whole new role of the teams involved and of the tools to be used.
Starting with this different vision, we have created a development system, acknowledged as the most powerful and successful method to make

salons grow, which includes the quality of products, services and management. Thanks to this method, we have created a world in which clients feel understood and valued, and we have led thousands of salon owners and their employees to make their dreams of personal and professional dreams come true, making their own salons unique and successful.



The first and only company of sector management is born, with the very precise goal of guiding salon owners towards proper management of their company, thanks to a "tailor-made development project". Thanks to the employment of Development Consultants, all holders of Economy and Commerce degrees, we have quickly became a national leader in the managerial accounting control of hundreds of salons. The Red Funnel Economic Theory is born. It would last 20 years.



Out of the need to improve salon visibility to attract new clients, our image and communication area was created. Its purpose is to create an effective and coordinated corporate coordination based on the salon's possibility to use important, personalised images, exclusive for its own area.



To make a salon's results grow through the use of shared ethical systems and codified technicians, we created our Academy, to train a Team of Teachers capable of teaching work methodologies in each sector of the salon and of transferring to the owners the importance of being the trainers of their own team.



In order to differentiate your salon from its competitors, we create a new method that allows hairstylists to evolve and turn into veritable Hair Beauty Consultants. Professionals that work with a codified work system based on three operative principles: Connection, Sharing and Emotion. Today this system is acknowledged and certified as Development Tool. As a consequence, we had the idea of creating a line of exclusive products that could simultaneously produce pleasure, well-being and results for the Hair Beauty Consultants and for their clients.



Creation of the MicroWaveProgressus (MWP), the first microwave reactor for molecular synthesis in industrial scale. A new patented technology that has allowed us to formulate new molecules and new raw materials that can give us new answers in the world of products destined to beauty. Some of our raw materials are acknowledged in the market as unique and innovative, thanks also to the microwave technology. This makes it possible for us to initiate important collaboration projects with leading distributors in the world.



The product becomes a tool of development and growth for the salon, capable of enhancing the technical skills of a work team ad allowing the team itself to work as an ensemble and to receive gratifications according to the sensations and results obtained by the client. Today the Monacelli Italy brand represents not only a line of cosmeceutic products, but a philosophy, or, better still, a lifestyle that sees beauty as respect and enhancement of beauty and of the client's pleasure, just like respect and exaltation of the Hair Beauty Consultant and respect and exaltation of the nature and the pleasure beauty can give each of us at any given time.



The project of academy territoriality begins, with new branches in different Italian cities, where salon owners and their teams can study, improve themselves and get training on a constant basis. They represent our closeness to our clients and our precise wish to accompany and support them during their growth process.



The new Economic Blue Funnel Theory is born, thanks to which Monacelli Italy is acknowledged and certified by DNV-GL as Development Cosmetic Company capable of guiding and orienting salons towards high results of quality and profitability.



Our Academy opens its doors to the world. The Monacelli Italy International Academy is born at Castello di Solfagnano, from where the company begins its expansion and internationalisation process.



La Bellezza diventa scopo e missione della nostra Azienda. Un team di esperti di moda e di arte contribuisce a realizzare eventi e seminari dedicati a come saper "conoscere, riconoscere e creare " Bellezza. Il Gruppo Ricerca Moda, costituito da nostri Teachers con una particolare preparazione e costante allenamento, realizza collezioni moda e dà un importante contributo alla realizzazione di nuovi programmi formativi per i nostri clienti. Beauty becomes the goal and the mission of our company. A team of experts in fashion and art helps create events and seminars dedicated to how to know how to know, recognise and create Beauty. The Gruppo Ricerca Moda, consisting of our Teachers with particular training and constant practising, creates fashion collections and gives an important contribution to the creation of new training programs for our clients.



The figure of the Hair Beauty Consultant (HBC) is acknowledged as Professional Guild, and the Association that was created adopts Monacelli Italy's Development and Training systems.



Un nuovo strumento dedicato alla Comunicazione, Formazione, Informazione e tanta Moda, per essere sempre aggiornati attraverso una vera e propria televisione fruibile unicamente via Internet. Uno studio di produzione di 700 mq. ospita il team creativo che produce contributi televisivi programmati su un palinsesto fruibile via WEB: corsi, seminari E-learning, eventi moda e tanto altro, per avere il mondo Monacelli Italy sempre a portata di Click. Attraverso la MONACELLI WEB TV siamo sempre al fianco dei nostri Clienti, con un servizio 24h, con la possibilità di rivedere i video ogni volta che si vuole e condividerli con i propri collaboratori. Un canale di informazione sempre aperto su tutti gli Strumenti necessari alla crescita dei Saloni. A new tool dedicated to Communication, Training, Information and Fashion, to be always up to date through a dedicated TV channel available exclusively online. A 700-m2 production studio hosts the creative team that produces TV contents scheduled to be enjoyed online: courses, e-learning seminars, fashion events and much more, to have the Monacelli Italy world always available with a click. With MONACELLI WEB TV, we are always next to our clients, with a 24/7 service and the possibility to watch the video again whenever they want and to share contents with their employees. An information channel that is always open, tackling all tools necessary to make salons grow.



Una scuola di felicità, un nuovo e più potente Sistema in grado di migliorare la vita delle persone, una filosofia che insegna a guardare oltre e generare esperienze meravigliose e felici. Nasce la Teoria economica dell'Imbuto Verde un modello economico evoluto capace di creare, attraverso il passaparola, aziende ancora più qualitative, redditive e soprattutto felici. "Perché la Felicità può essere una consuetudine, uno stile di vita, alla portata di tutti, può essere insegnata, appresa e coltivata". A school of happiness, a new and more powerful system that can improve people's lives, a philosophy that teaches us to look beyond and generate wonderful, happy experiences. The Green Funnel theory is an evolved economic model that uses word of mouth to create companies with even more quality, profit and happiness. "Because Happiness can be a habit, a lifestyle, available to everyone; it can be taught, learned and cultivated".



New reference points for Health and Well-Being are created. Exclusive places where clients can live unique experiences and wonderful beauty sensations.


The true core and the beating heart of Monacelli Italy are the people that make it: a united, harmonic team with strong passion for their own work. People who take care of each client on an everyday basis, to fulfil their

needs and desires, whose philosophy has always focused on quality standards. Monacelli Italy is an international company that acknowledges what each person has to offer and promoting it every day.