It is important to educate people to think and act in a positive and propositional manner in a world that is increasingly fast and complex, teaching them to widen their horizons - once this first step is taken towards change, change becomes unstoppable.
Our courses are a powerful drive towards personal transformation and change. They stimulate the brain's right hemisphere, the place where emotions are born, the only things that can change our way of life, including our professional sphere.

The Happy Hair Beauty Consultant is not only an evolution of the hairdresser; they are true professionals with a new mindset based on new knowledge and new ethical values. We like to think that ours is a training school that teaches happiness, that is, a new way of thinking, of facing life and work, i harmony with ourselves and with our own dreams and desires.
Happiness truly can be taught, learned, cultivated in such a manner as to become a habit, a lifestyle available to everyone..

In class

The structure of our courses and our methodology allow participants to get to know and strengthen the rules and principles on which a client's beauty is to be built, as well as to develop and generate important financial results for the salon.
During our courses and seminars, we share new values and a technical system of tools that can transform everyone's work quality and stimulate the personal growth of each of the participants. The result will be more cohesion and professionalism in the team, a different way of seeing the client, more awareness of the growth potentialities of the salon when it comes to create and transfer beauty.



We have created a simple and intuitive platform available for Happy Hair Beauty Consultants, to be used to proceed, even at a distance, their training itinerary without limitations of physical presence or of schedule.
A quick and alternative learning itinerary that use videos and tutorials to maintain high levels of independence, all the while continuously monitoring learning levels, both by tracking the evolution and by frequently adding moments of evaluation and self-evaluation. A new, simple way to train your employees.



Our teachers are not only excellent professionals that can transfer their technical knowledge; they are people who can educate others to think and act in a positive and propositional manner, both professionally and personally.
People who can improve their lives and those of their own students, attempting every day to achieve a shared happiness through a new and more powerful way of thinking, a new vision that represents a system of different connections and emotions, capable of creating successful relations within a group.



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