A new, different way to think of cosmetics. A line of cosmeceutic products that work deeply on skin and hair, thanks to the presence of pharmaceutical-quality active principles, more effective and functional, representing the maximum possible evolution of current cosmetics.
Our research laboratories have developed an exclusive line of products that can provide a wonderful feeling of pleasure, well being and tangible results, thanks to the use of innovative raw materials and functional principles created and developed with a new patented technology (MWP®). .
A veritable philosophy; a sustainable mindset: not a simple formulation process, but a different way to create cosmetics that can act in synergy with each other and interact naturally with skin and hair..

We like considering them “tool-products” that, in the hands of our Happy Hair Beauty Consultants, can make salons grow, allowing them to stand out in the market; for clients they represent effective and revolutionary solutions for their own beauty.
Thanks to them and to the great professionalism and ability to understand and advise that our Happy Hair Beauty Consultants possess, our salons are currently irreplaceable references for all those who are looking for extraordinary products capable of offering .concrete answers. to skin issues and for hair beauty.

products OUR LINES

A line of products capable of deeply balancing the skin ecosystem and of recharging skin and hair with energy, vitality and youth.

We have designed a complete color system that allows your clients to live hair dyeing as a moment of PLEASURE, WELL-BEING and RESULT

An exclusive treatment that reconstructs hair integrity from within, restructuring it from root to ends in only 20 minutes, for an effect that lasts an entire month.

A Styling line dedicated to contemporary women with four specific characteristics to fulfil every styling need: straight, curly, texture and volume.

An advanced hair treatment whose exclusive active principles prevent and fight hair loss and gives new life to hair.

A line of body products for men and women, created with natural raw materials that act not only on the superficial layer of the skin, but also restores and balances it deeply.

A line of products that fight the damaging effects caused by the sun, the sea and chlorine, giving new health and beauty to hair and body.



Study, research and experimentation are the driving force of our business, which focuses on the continuous creation of innovative and original solutions destined to the world of beauty and health. An avant-garde technology that is in continuous comparison with professionals of the sector in Italy and abroad, as well as with the most prestigious universities, allowing us to develop new active principles,

environmentally sustainable and skin-compatible raw materials, and to formulate last-generation cosmeceutic products of proven efficacy, capable of responding effectively to the market's demands. Our research activity is always active, as we are convinced that it is only by observing the present that we can design and create the products of tomorrow.