Study, research and experimentation are the driving force of our business, which focuses on the continuous creation of innovative and original solutions destined to the world of beauty and health. An avant-garde technology that is in continuous comparison with professionals of the sector in Italy and abroad, as well as with the most prestigious universities, allowing us to develop new active principles, environmentally sustainable and skin-compatible raw materials, and to formulate last-generation cosmeceutic products of proven efficacy, capable of responding effectively to the market's demands.
Our research activity is always active, as we are convinced that it is only by observing the present that we can design and create the products of tomorrow.


Our exclusive patented technology, MWP® (Micro Wave Progressus), has allowed us to create and synthesise innovative raw materials and exclusive active principles made with ingredients from renewable sources, through environmentally sustainable production processes. In 2010 the Italian Ministry of Economic Development granted us the worldwide patent of industrial invention for having created the first microwave reactor for molecular synthesis on an industrial scale.