The strength of a team is in the perfect mix of technical skills and values it has in common. This is why training is the core of our method: it provides not only tools indispensable for everyday work, but also takes care of the personal growth of each member of the salon and of the team, creating a teamwork that can stand out in the market and obtain significant qualitative and economic results.
The "salon system" is therefore based on an invisible motor that is very powerful: a close-knit group, ethically aligned and very skilled from the professional point of view, which can only be achieved through /b>continuous training.

Monacelli Italy, strongly backed by the experience it has acquired in its field over decades of continuous research and improvement in the team's technical and style training, can move and power this invisible motor thanks to innovative itineraries of proven efficacy. Today all Monacelli Academies are reference points for Italian and foreign professionals, a meeting point where innovative training courses are elaborated around the concept of beauty, leading to a significant increase in the quality of the work within the salon, as well as in the services and products offered.



Discover all our courses and seminars and turn your salon into a world that can create beauty for you and your clients.


Being familiar with fashion means knowing one’s own times: enjoy with us the training courses that will allow you to anticipate your clients’ desires.


Follow all our events and share with us the values and emotions that will lead your salon to “shine with beauty”.

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