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Having a new vision of the world of beauty and hair fashion has allowed us to obtain, from worldwide agencies, important certifications that attest to the effort, passion and professionalism with which we carry out our work on a daily basis.
Not only avant-garde products born out of an environmentally sustainable mindset, but an overall management system of the salon and its clients, of updates and continuous training, innovative and certified as excellency in the sector. Quality, attention, respect for people and for the environment, continuous search for customer satisfaction, scrupulous and periodical inspections on the entire corporate process are just some of the elements that characterise Monacelli Italy and that have been acknowledged at an international level.

*The MWP technology has allowed the Progressus research laboratory to obtain environmental management and quality system certifications.

The raw materials certified as natural cosmetics and eco bio cosmetics (organic) are developed at the Progressus research laboratory.

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