Monacelli Academy is the brand which identifies this Area.

With this mark our company brings forward in the market three great and important principles:

1. Teach theory and techniques on the quality of life and on the quality of work, aimed towards making the value of the salon grow in the market.

2. Teach theory and techniques using Teachers who are strongly prepared and strongly motivated to make the participants at various Seminars and courses grow.

3. Create Academies “near” our clients, in such a way that the training can be done through a “repetitive” system. Only continuous training on the same systems generates New Habits and therefore change.

PROGRESSUS s.r.l. Via B. Ubaldi 06024 Gubbio (PG) P.IVA: 01875740548 C.F.: 01875740548 CCIAA PERUGIA 164953